A man’s inner voice is his best friend and by far his worst enemy.

Married Young is the story of David and Talia - 20-somethings with a kid and another on the way. But David’s expectations and his married reality don’t match up.

Single, married, old, young – everyone battles with expectations versus reality. We were sold a set of dreams that rarely reflect the reality we encounter as adults. This is David’s dilemma. He’s married to a great girl who loves him, has given him a child and is about to give him another. He’s got a job, a starter home and a pretty good life. But David looks not at what is right, but what is wrong: working an hourly wage, living in a trailer park with bills piling up and no sex. He’s depressed.

Enter DINGUS, David’s animated inner-voice.

In the spirit of South Park, Dingus is David’s adolescent cartoon creation. Dingus, bolsters David’s confidence and reminds him of his artistic dreams, but he also reminds him that he hasn’t had sex for a month. Dingus suggests that David could change his reality: “You deserve better!”

David’s parents bicker. From the outside, their marriage looks awful. Dingus warns David about becoming like his parents. But in the end, David sees the love between them – it is a timeless love. In that moment, David grows up.

The flip side of David’s malaise is his wife. Talia puts up with David. She stands by him, handles the baby, her pregnancy, the household and puts up with David’s insecurity, his selfishness and even, his wandering eye. But it is not without lasting effect. There is an existential lesson here which says no matter the excuse, actions have consequences.

Married Young is poignant comedy about marriage, kids and growing up.